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Open Position
TM – Mobile Application Developer
Mobile Development
Manpower Requisition Code
Job Description
Employees working in this position shall be having the following JR
1. Analysis
2. Design
3. Coding
4. Debugging
5. Change History
6. SRS
7. DFD
8. Flow Chart
9. Help File
10. Bug Reason form preparation
11. Other technical documentation related to Projects
12. Database related works
13. Product Enhancements
14. Change request management
15. Customer complaint management
16. Unit Testing.
17. Implementing all security related concepts in application.
18. Developing Mobile and Web applications with adherence to Coding Standards
19. Developing Mobile and Web applications with adherence to Design Standards
20. Developing Mobile and Web applications with adherence to Application Standards
21. Developing Mobile and Web applications with adherence to Database Standards
Skill Set Desired
1. Android SDK
3. API
4. XML
5. CSS
7. MS SQL Server, SQL Lite.
8. Location based services
9. JQuery
10. Struts
11. MVC
12. REST
13. iPhone Application Development
14. iPad Application Development
15. IOS Application Development
16. Android Application Development
17. ASP.Net / C#
18. Web Services
19. Mobile Design Principles
Desired Candidate Profile
1. Education – Bachelors or Master’s Degree in Engineering / Computer Applications
2. Experience – 1 to 4 years’ experience
3. Professional Course – A Post Degree Professional Course in Mobile Application Development is preferred.
4. Project Experience – Products based experience is what we require. Project experience in designing and creation of fast, high impact mobile client applications for engaging interactive solutions across multiple target platforms.
5. Desired soft skills – Commitment, dependability, team work, Consistency, Ability to withstand pressure on tight deadline projects, Punctuality, Disciplined, Ethical behaviour, delivering as per client deadlines.
Selection Process
Round 1 - Initial HR Round
Round 2 - Face to Face – Technical Round
Round 3 – Coding Exercise
Round 4 – Final Top Management Interview
Round 5 – Final HR Round and Finalisation of Employment terms and conditions.
Service Tenure Commitment

We at JSM strongly believe that a person takes a few months to understand a company’s culture, products and systems. Historically speaking we have come to a conclusion that the first year of any person in an organization goes in learning and settling down. The second year the person with more experience of a company’s products, systems and processes is able to contribute to the organization and in the process of actually implementing what he or she has learned further grows in life and in the organization. Hence we strongly believe that for any kind of association to be meaningful as well as profitable for both company and employee a long term association is a must. Consequently we encourage all candidates who are looking and can commit to at least a minimum of 2 years of association with JSM to apply..

Email Resume
If you are interested in the above position and are willing to commit as per service tenure given above please email your resume to
Please mention Manpower requisition code in the subject of the mail.

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